Radiata Pine is classed as a non-durable wood species.  Radiata Pine wood products require treatment with preservative to provide long term durability.

The most effective preservative for providing durability in outdoor applications is CCA.  CCA preservative is made up of Copper, Chromium and Arsenic and it protects the wood against fungi and insects.

Hautapu Pine can treat products to the H3.2, H4, H5, and H6 hazard classes.  We use Arch Wood Protection's Tanalith CCA wood preservation chemical, most commonly known by the "Tanalised"  trademark.  Tanalith CCA has a 50 year guarantee against decay for all products treated H3.2, H4 or H5.

The key aspect to ensuring that products have a long life-span is to ensure the steaming and treating processes are conducted correctly.

The staff at our treating plant are carefully trained in the processes and we have an internal monitoring programme to ensure the correct treatment of wood is achieved.  In addition, Hautapu Pine engages Grade Right NZ Ltd under the "Treat Right" programme to independently audit its treatment processes.

Grade Right NZ Ltd is an Independent Verification Agency (IVA) qualified to assist and audit companies producing treated timber products.  An auditor from Grade Right NZ Ltd visits our site on a quarterly basis and inspects our treatment plant processes and testing plan, and also tests samples of treated products to ensure compliance with National Treatment Standards.

Belonging to Grade Right NZ Ltd's "Treat Right" programme provides our customers with reassurance that they are buying products which comply with the treatment standards.

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