Post Size and Grading

Not all post producers have the same measurements for the size categories, and the method by which producers grade their posts into the size categories can also vary. 

At Hautapu Pine we use the most conservative method for measuring and grading posts, thus ensuring that you gain maximum value for your money.

Shown below is how we measure the various types of posts.

Rounds and Strainers

  Measurement is taken of the shortest diameter on the small
  end of the post.


  Measurement is taken on the shortest face at the smallest


  Measurement is taken at the smallest end.  Both the face
  size and the thickness determine the size category.

For all post types, if the post narrows in the middle, the measurement is taken at the narrowest point along the post.


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Hautapu Pine's measurement range for a size category is the minimum and maximum measurement.  For example, a No. 1 Round would be quoted as having a measurement of 115-140mm.  This means that the smallest diameter measurement you would find on any post in a bundle of No. 1 rounds will be between 115-140mm.